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Insurance Inspections

Floor and roof inspections

The way to reduce insurance rates is to have a safer home. The more stable your home, the more discounts insurance companies provide. Green Foot Home Inspections has been performing insurance inspections in south florida since 1998. We can provide Wind Mitigation Inspections to single family homes, townhomes and condominiums. We can help evaluate your home to become more wind-resistive and have lesser damage during a windstorm event. Lesser damage equals reduced insurance costs for homeowners. Wind Mitigation discounts are applied toward the windstorm portion of your total insurance premium.

Full Windstorm Inspections

Also referred to as "Uniform Mitigation inspection. The purpose of a windstorm inspection is to determine the appropriateness of a given structure's construction in the event of strong winds such as those of a hurricane. One of the benefits of receiving a wind inspection is identifying the potential insurance savings available to you based on the current structure of your home. Many insurance companies provide discounts or credits for construction features proven to reduce damage from hurricanes.

4 Point Inspection

Insurance companies want to know that four vital systems in your home have been updated and/or maintained and in good working condition. 4pt Inspections include roof, electrical, plumbing and air conditioning. The inspection goal is to determine the approximate age of each sustem and condition. Customarily, 4pt inspections are required on homes over 50 years of age.

Roof Condition Certificate

Citizen insurance now requires Roof Condition Certification inspections or proof of roof replacement upon renewal for homes of certain ages. All roofs must be in good condition with no damage or visible signs of leaks to be eligible for coverage with Citizens. In addition, specific age of roof requirements have been implemented. Roof eligibility does NOT apply to HW-4 and HW-6 policies. Please see the underwriting manuals for each line of business for complete details.

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